Facilities and Parks Spotlight Award

Don Morse Park_20130726_Phase 1 Post Construction_0136

The Washington Recreation & Park Association (WRPA) recently awarded Don Morse Park in Chelan a Facilities and Parks Spotlight Award.

“Spotlight Awards highlight excellence and achievements in the field of parks and recreation by honoring the amazing efforts of public agencies.  Facilities & Parks Awards recognize the highest standards in design, development and renovation of park and recreation areas.” – WRPA

J.A. Brennan congratulates the City of Chelan and Parks and Recreation Director Charles Sablan.  We are proud to have helped Chelan restore its premier waterfront park and swimming beach.

J.A. Brennan served as prime consultant.  The design team included Reid Middleton, Coast & Harbor Engineering, The Watershed Company, SWCA, Budinger & Associates, Shannon & Wilson, Cascade Interpretive Design, Sparling, Erlandsen Inc., and Nelson Geotechnical Consultants.

For more information: http://bit.ly/1prObAV


Don Morse Park Beach Restoration Update, Chelan, WA


Park use is up substantially and visitors are having a great experience now that the bulkhead has been buried and the park has a beach designed by the J.A. Brennan Associates team.  Next spring native aspen trees and other vegetation will be added to create shade, beautify the site, and enhance the riparian habitat.