Biking to Work…

The crew at JAB is at it!  Our office of 8 has joined the 2014 Cascade Commute Challenge.  We have a 63% participation rate, five staff members are actively involved in the bike to work month of May (and most other months too). We are almost at the halfway point of bike to work and have accumulated a total of 260 miles.



photo 2aps

Drew’s wonderfully sunny homeward bound commute across the Duwamish River yesterday!  Industry and wildflowers mix it up on the East Channel crossing.


Bike to Work Final Stats

Bike to Work month has come to a close and JAB is proud to have had 50% of its staff members riding.  Few firms reach such a high level of participation!  Together we logged 545 miles (not counting all the miles we forgot to record), saved approx. 542 lbs of CO2, and burned 26,714 calories.  Time to bake more banana bread!  Together we braved the rain and rode on 60% of our work days which ranks us in the top half of Architecture and Engineering teams and far better than the 42% overall average.  Thanks to everyone for playing along.  Who is up for Run to Work month in June?