Things are happening at Entiat Park!

Entiat ConstructionConstruction is underway for the Entiat Park Revitalization project.  Here’s how it looked last week.

Here’s a zoom-in look at the future!Entiat_zoom parking boat launch

Here’s the whole plan…

Entiat_Illustrative Base_60 scale

J.A. Brennan is currently providing construction support services for the 30-acre waterfront (5,600 linear feet) park remodel.  Our multi-disciplinary team (AJEM, Pacific Engineering, Z Engineers, HV Engineers, Nelson Geotechnical) developed the design and construction contract documents for Chelan County Public Utility District. The $6 million revitalized park will offer visitors new campsites, a group camping area, RV sites with amenities, improved water access, a new boat launch, a hand-carry boat launch, comfort stations, swimming areas, multi-use trails, and day-use areas.

A Focus on Improving the Camping Experience
The upgraded camping facilities include new walk-in sites laid out to consider privacy, views, and access.  Fully-equipped RV sites will accommodate a larger variety of vehicle lengths and provide RV camping accessory configurations.  The RV sites and access road will be rebuilt further away from the shoreline, leaving the shoreline environment for pedestrian and bicyclist enjoyment, and enabling native plant revegetation along the water.  This dry, often hot eastern Washington site will consist of irrigated areas of lawn and shade trees for park use, as well as extensive areas of invasive species eradication, native shrub steppe-restoration, and riparian revegetation.

Creating a New Identity

Here are some images of the new signage and park architecture.

Entiat Park Sign Concept

AJEM Restroom 2011.03

For more information and a few demolition pictures, please check out the PUD’s website.


Behind the Scenes at JAB: The CoLAB

IMGP5271psEvery other Friday afternoon the JAB team spends dedicated time analyzing and discussing one topic of relevance to the practice.  The issue of the day can involve solving a design problem, theorizing, critiquing, brainstorming, or sketching design ideas.

Recent discussion topics include

  • Designing new details for fences and gates
  • Developing a site opportunities and constraints map for a marketing effort
  • Developing a concept for a focal point
  • Choosing a park signage theme
  • Looking at case study parks in Chicago
M B IMG_2077
Cloud Gate, otherwise known as the ‘Bean;’ in Chicago’s Millennium Park

The coLAB session is our chance to get all the brain power of the firm in one room for workshop.  Eighty-eight years of combined experience drilling into one issue results in some amazing aesthetic design and creative problem solving!

Entry signage concept for Tacoma's Swan Creek Park
Entry signage concept for Tacoma’s Swan Creek Park

This time is a chance to hear everyone’s voice on a topic/project.  Voices from outside a project’s regular team can provide interesting insight, maybe even shift and shape solutions in new directions.

We use CoLAB to keep us up-to-date with what is going on in the profession and in the office.  It takes discipline and commitment to set aside this dedicated time.  But the results have shown the time to be productive, inspiring, and fun!